Rabbit line art drawing embroidered and framed inside hoop.

It took a little bit to figure out what we could do to continue growing the community of friends we had just started a few months ago with the opening of Rabbit & Rocket. But I think we have it figured out!

Here’s what we have going on and how you can join in the fun…

First, we’re OPEN online. If you need something (yarn, needles, hoops, scissors, etc.) you can visit our online shop and I’ll ship it to you.  If you aren’t seeing something there, let me know and I’ll source it for you!

Second, we want to have some fun while we’re all cooped up. We’ve created the following things to do and you’ll find them posted in our Classes & Events Calendar:

Our teachers and friends are creating Project Videos you can watch and learn from – we’re hoping to get two or three new videos posted each week. We’ll post these to the calendar as events so you can always find them. Ignore the event start/end times – you’re able to view the videos and download project materials as soon as they’re posted to the calendar and they won’t go away.

If you make a project and share it on social media, use the hashtag #rabbitandrocketfun so we can find and share it, too!

We kicked off this series on Sunday, March 29th with a helpful tutorial on How to Sew a 100% Cotton Mask with a Filter Pocket. It’s not medical grade or a perfect solution – but our health officials are now saying that it may be helpful to wear masks to reduce exposing each other to coughs and sneezes. Feel free to use the method as shown or modify to suit your needs/style!

Each morning, by 9:00 AM (or so), we’ll post a simple, line art pattern graphic you can download, print and trace on fabric or canvas for embroidering, thread painting, or needle punch. Make it your own using your stash, your colors. If the design converts well to cross stitch, we’ll offer a downloadable cross stitch version of the pattern as well. Just a fun little surprise to look forward to each morning!

If you make a Daily Mini, post it to your Facebook and/or Instagram using the hashtag #rabbitandrocketmini so we can find it and share it!

Lots of us enjoy our stitching alone but also know the fun of being in a group. We’re launching live Open Circles April 6, 2020 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings from 7:00 – 9:00 PM using the Zoom video chat service. The link to join us will be found in the event listing for each Circle in our Classes & Events Calendar.   The link will be live between 7:00 – 9:00 PM on the date of the Circle you choose.

We’re hoping to have special guests visit our live Circles here and there. You can hop on and off during those hours whenever it’s convenient for you. Have some fun working on your project in the company of others. If you have a project challenge, there may be someone in the Circle who can help you or you might be able to help someone through their challenge!

To find and join a Live Open Circle:
– Go to the Classes & Events Calendar,
– Find the date of the Circle you want to join and click on the Open Circle event listing
– Click on the link provided in the event description to join the Circle using Zoom.
– When you click the link to join the Circle, if you don’t have the free Zoom application installed on your device, you’ll be prompted to download and install (takes just a moment). You’ll then be joined into the Circle!