Rabbit & Rocket is a gathering place for anyone who enjoys needle arts, sewing and crafting.  We offer over 40 classes and sell supplies to support needle arts including embroidery floss, fabric, Aida canvas, knitting needles, crochet hooks, yarn, sewing notions and more. If you need a particular supply, please ask! We have great resources and can place special orders easily.

All are welcome to drop in and enjoy some stitching in our comfy seating area! I’m always interested to learn about the supplies you’re interested in so always feel to share your wish list for supplies, classes and events!

View of Crochet Circle group sitting in Rabbit & Rocket social circle area.

Rabbit & Rocket is located in Lancaster, Ohio right on Main Street with free parking in the public lot just steps to the left of our front door!  We have a soft seating area in the front of the space where anyone is welcome to drop in to work on their projects in progress.

Most everything we sell in the store is available for sale in our online store (touch ’Shop’ from the navigation) but we hope you’ll choose to visit our comfy space!  It’s always free to drop in to relax with some stitching or take a class. Bring friends and your own beverages (hard or soft) and spend some time together.

Lancaster & The Inspiration 

I’ve called Lancaster, Ohio home since September 1996, just months after my first visit. I immediately fell in love with the tree-lined streets and the friendly people. It’s a beautiful place to enjoy walking dogs in the morning, growing a garden in your yard and being 20-minutes from the beauty of the Hocking Hills. The revitalization of our downtown has made hanging out in the evenings here a lot of fun!

View of Main Street in Lancaster, Ohio

Stitching and crafting are something anyone can learn to do.  It has the power to strengthen the fabric of our community and create new friendships. The true purpose of Rabbit & Rocket is to create peace, happiness and good feelings. We’re just using our needles and thread to bring peace and community to life.

I’m excited to meet you and hear how needle and thread work brings you happiness.  For my part, I learned embroidery from my grandmother, Mary Shirer. She was a gifted artist in Pittsburgh known for her needlepoint restoration and finishing skills.  She worked on church and museum pieces, some so compromised she had to rebuild the canvas structure and custom dye the yarn to match the original intent. Her talent was still strong into her retirement and she was finishing pieces until she was in her 90s.

In the 70s and 80s she and two girlfriends owned a needle arts supply store in the Jenkins Arcade in downtown Pittsburgh called The Thread Shed. I was fortunate to learn from her.  We would sip and stitch together in the evenings.  The time passed quickly and it was always fun to see our progress. I think she’d get a kick out of knowing I rediscovered the habit and love it so much I decided to follow in her stitchsteps. 

Why Work with Needle, Thread and Canvas?

There’s something so relaxing and meditative about working with needle and thread. The repetitive, quiet motion allows your mind to slow down and get rid of all the noise. I tell people it’s like combing your brain. Recent studies support that needle arts have positive emotional impact and can reduce anxiety.  Having a moment? Pick up your PIP (Project in Progress) and enjoy the peace it brings!

It’s easy to have a small, portable project with you all the time as a fun distraction or to calm your mind when you’re in a waiting room, riding in a car or taking a break on the job. When you’re done, it’s something for you to enjoy or to give as a gift!

Completed cross stitch project from a pattern named Inkspired

Some people really enjoy chasing detail and precision in their needle work but being precise isn’t a requirement for success. (And 99% of the world doesn’t care what the back of your canvas looks like!) 

Many patterns and types of stitching end up just fine without precision.  Happy accidents happen all the time and the joy is in the giving and receiving!  Change the colors, add some beads or embellishments – make a pattern your own or take pride in doing it exactly as shown. If you make a mistake, it’s usually easy to undo and rework. The important thing is to jump in and start enjoying the fun of creating something.

Why Visit Rabbit & Rocket to Stitch?

Some people enjoy working quietly alone but when you’re ready to get together with friends or make new friends around the hoop, we’re here! 

Our space is welcome to all.  There’s no charge to just drop in and stitch.  We’re open 12:00 – 6:00 PM Thursday through Saturday for Fall/Winter 2020. Sit in one of our six comfy seats or at our class tables.  Each seat has its own craft lamp so you can really see what you’re doing! For now, we are taking class reservation requests through the website.  Visit our Classes & Events section to see the classes we offer. We’re happy to set up a new class if you have a specific project or skill you’d like to work on. We hope you’ll get into The Habit of The Rabbit!

We’re happy to accommodate BYOB – Bring Your Own Beverages – hard or soft!  We encourage you to patronize our neighboring businesses.  With Downtown Lancaster’s entertainment district liquor license, you can bring the beverage of your choice from their place to ours!  

We’re Looking for Maker Teachers

Young woman crocheting hats on a couch, surrounded by crocheted hats.

If you’re a Maker who’d like to teach your craft, please get in touch! I’m actively looking for people who would like to share their knowledge like my grandmother did with me. If you stitch, knit, crochet, do anything with fabrics, fibers and paper, scrapbooking, card making, drawing or writing, jewelry making or beading, please get in touch!  We will offer classes across all the needle arts, paper arts and other crafting and creative activities.

Community Events

We’re happy to host sewing and quilting bees, community charitable events and private group events.  I’m particularly excited to encourage the arts for young people and we offer Rabbits & Rocketeers Classes and small group parties with fun projects.

I hope to see you soon and often at Rabbit & Rocket and to hear how you feel we can support our community! I receive every email that arrives from the contact form here at the website so please feel free to drop me a line!

Chris Shirer, Proprietor

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