When I decided to open Rabbit & Rocket, my whole-hearted goal was to provide a place where people could gather to enjoy their needle arts and crafts time with friends (old and new) and family.

Bringing people together is still my first priority for Rabbit & Rocket. Here’s how it works!

The Details
Our teachers are excited to see you all.  They’ve helped me put together more than 40 choices of classes you can reserve for you and up to 6 friends. If you’d like to arrange a small group event, we can accommodate up to 12 guests but may need to adjust this maximum count to comply with health recommendations.

Any class you choose just needs at least two people to be reserved.  See the List of Classes.  The list is continuing to grow and we invite you to Make A Request for classes or small group events you’d like to reserve!

How we can help one another…
I have one, simple request. Because we are not aware of the challenges of others who may have vulnerable family members they return to after spending time with us, I am asking us all to mask up while indoors at Rabbit & Rocket.

I’ve invested in a medical grade air filtration machine that will be on while guests are in the shop and we’ll take breaks during classes so we can get outside and go maskless for some fresh air.

We have very lightweight, disposable masks available right at the front door for any guest. If you are medically unable to wear a mask, we will work with and welcome you.

And, we will make it through this thanks to each other. We will have great stories to tell about a time when we set aside our differences and did inconvenient and uncomfortable things to support our at-risk neighbors, first responders and medical workers. There will be stories of bravery and kindness we will celebrate. That is the gift of this moment in time.

Thank you for your generous support and friendship. I feel wonderful about the future – we have many good years of togetherness ahead of us!

See you SOON!

Chris Shirer, Proprietor