Final Weekend Sale Notes

To assure a positive experience for everyone, here are a few quick notes about our Final Weekend inventory sale…

If you have questions…
I won’t be monitoring social media so I can be focused and helpful to everyone in the shop. If you have a question, please call the shop (740) 901-3041.

Friday & Saturday, February 26th & 27th – 12:00 – 6:00 PM.

Location & Parking
Free public parking is available in the lot right next to our storefront at 207 W. Main Street in downtown Lancaster.

Payment Types Accepted for Final Sales
Cash, Credit and Debit Cards will be accepted for payment. Park National Bank has ATMs one block away on Main Street and at their drive-through on W. Wheeling Street.

Safety Notes
Please help me keep a limit of 10 people in the shop. If it looks like we’re full, please consider visiting one of my wonderful neighbors and come back in a few minutes. Please follow CDC guidelines and wear a properly fitted mask covering nose and mouth while in the shop.

Expect Minor Delays 
Please be prepared for minor delays if checkout is backed up – we have plenty of seating if you’d like to relax while you wait for your turn at the register. Plan for a leisurely visit – people may be dropping in just to say hello and best wishes.

Spinning Yarn Purchases
If you purchase yarn and would like it spun into cakes, I’ll be happy to do that and will arrange a date for pick up the following week.

Purchasing Fixtures & Furnishings
If you are interested in purchasing furnishings or fixtures, I will post information about what’s available with links to purchase here and on the website on or after February 27th.


Thank you all for your kind words and well wishes – I am truly grateful for all the wonderful people and times that happened in the shop. We’re not done building our community. Stay tuned…